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Did you know that wood industry jobs pay $2,000 to $11,000 more a year than many jobs that require a bachelor’s degree? What’s more, you can sometimes get paid while starting an entry-level woodworking job or other wood industry position while you train as an apprentice.

To help you get started, here are some online resources for you to search for current jobs in the wood industry. No experience? No problem. Search the scholarship and apprenticeship opportunities below, to get the experience you need. In many cases, employers are looking for current apprentices to hire for entry-level jobs!

Search Wood Jobs & Careers

From custom cabinetmaking and woodworking to CNC machining and CAD design to woodturning and architectural millwork, the right wood industry job is waiting for you. If you are a military vet, you may already have the experience level to qualify.

Most wood industry careers do require some level of experience. But some jobs, such as an entry-level interior trim carpenter, will train you if you have no experience.

U.S. wood industry jobs

Canada wood industry jobs

U.S. jobs after the military for veterans

And more job sites can be found at woodindustryed.org

Search Wood Industry Apprenticeships & Trade Schools

From carpenter to millwork to CNC machinist, apprenticeships can give you the training you need for a new wood career. Many employers are looking for current apprentices for entry-level positions. Trade schools are also a great first step to getting the training you need.

Learn about some apprenticeship opportunities:

Learn about some trade school opportunities:

If none of these apprenticeships or trade schools are near you, or interest you, check out more wood industry training and school programs at woodindustryed.org.

Search Wood Industry Scholarships

Architectural millwork, custom carpentry, CNC machining…these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to scholarship opportunities. There are scholarships for high school, trade school, and college students seeking a new career in the wood industry. Scholarships are no longer exclusive to four-year universities!

Even if you already have a wood job, there may be a scholarship to help you increase your skill level and increase your paycheck. We’ve featured some exciting scholarship opportunities below:

Wood industry association scholarship opportunities

Architectural millwork, CNC machining and other wood career scholarships:

CNC machining scholarships:

Trade school scholarships:

Search additional wood industry and skilled trade scholarships at woodindustryed.org.