Did you know that your military experience may qualify you for a good paying wood manufacturing job? In fact, many companies in the wood industry today already turn to transitioning service members because they see the similarities in skills and qualities needed to succeed.

What’s more, the wood industry offers the opportunity to grow your civilian skills, such as working with AI-powered robots, Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, CAD/design equipment and other state-of-the art technology to transform raw materials into valuable goods.

Concerned you don’t have the right skills for the wood industry? Think again.

Tech Skills: You Have More Than You Think

If your military service included working with your hands, you may have more technical aptitude than you realize. Did you ever work with various equipment that included instruments and/or electronics, or were you responsible for machinery maintenance, assembly or repairs? Did you supervise teams performing maintenance tasks?

Numerous military skills translate well to wood industry careers, such as cabinet or flooring manufacturing and installation, machinery operation and maintenance, or safety management. This military experience might include:

  • Working with protective equipment.
  • Reading complex schematics.
  • Utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Pipefitting and design modifications.
  • Maintenance of heating or cooling systems.
  • Operating power tools or machinery.

Teamwork: You’ve Got What It Takes

Whether you were on a Naval or Coast Guard vessel, in an Army or Marine Convoy, or an Air Force squadron, you already know it takes teamwork to meet an objective.

Many wood manufacturing projects require communication and cooperation, so individuals can learn from each other to reach a common goal. The wood industry also requires a solid work ethic to ensure team success. The discipline and resilience military vets gained during service can open the door to numerous civilian job opportunities in the wood industry.

Every wood industry job requires:

  • Being punctual and ready to do your part as a team.
  • Finishing your full shift with your eyes on the goal.
  • Taking ownership and responsibility for your work.
  • Keeping a positive attitude for yourself and your team.
  • Doing your job well and taking pride in your work.

Leadership: You Got This

Just as you worked hard to move up in military rank, opportunities exist in the wood industry to advance from entry-level shop worker to team supervisor and beyond. Military vets like yourself have already developed the leadership know-how to take on more responsibility as you grow your civilian career in the wood industry.

This industry values leadership traits such as:

  • Understanding the chain of command.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making aptitude.
  • Making tough decisions when required.
  • Adapting/improvising when you see a process isn’t working.
  • Analyzing and evaluating to find solutions.

Why Wood? Because It’s More Than Just a Job

Finding a rewarding career that utilizes your skills and offers a competitive salary with opportunities to be challenged and advance is entirely possible, right now. Put your talents to work for the wood industry and get paid while you train for skilled jobs that range from CNC machine operator to flooring installer to cabinet maker. In the wood industry, you can make $2,000 to $11,000 more a year than many jobs that require a bachelor’s degree.

Are you still asking yourself, “Is the wood industry right for me?” Learn more by checking out these wood career resources. Start exploring your options for building a civilian future.