When you begin planning for a career, you have the opportunity to embark on a profession that involves areas that truly match your passions. It is possible to marry what you enjoy with your career choice, and the wood industry provides sustainable, solid, career options to match your passion. Finding an industry where these passions align with the work that you’ll be doing will help make a lifetime of work feel like play. Here are three examples of ways that a wood manufacturing career can help you do just that.

Imagine having the skills to design a piece of furniture that may one day become an heirloom and passed down through generations.

Techie In Training

Are you always the first of your friends to have the latest phone or gadget? Do you count down the days until the new Apple® product announcements? Working with high-tech programs and robotics might be just the right area of wood manufacturing for you.

As wood manufacturing moves into the future, more industry technologies are being utilized every day. From computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) to computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, these critical technologies are now commonplace in today’s wood manufacturing work environment. Learning how to use these technically-advanced design tools will give you the opportunity to build a career that matches your fondness for these technologies.

In addition to the latest design tools, the machinery that is used to produce wood products is complex and advanced. This equipment must be operated by a trained technician to monitor and maintain it. If you have experience or interest in machinery, you may have the aptitude for this rewarding profession.

Photo of woodworking a guitar

Music In The Making

Perhaps you know all the new bands before they are popular? Or maybe you dissect every note of the hottest guitar solos or know every drum beat of your favorite band? Though it may seem like a stretch, there is a place for you to translate your passions for music to the wood industry.

On the more artisan side of the industry, funneling your passion for music into designing guitars with a specific artist in mind requires a honed skill. And, because most artists have a specific style of instrument they prefer, having a deep understanding of music can be a key selling point and way for you to be a part of the music that you love.

On a broader scale, there is a lot of opportunity and potential to translate your creative passions and technical aptitude for music into fields such as architectural woodworking and/or cabinetmaking. Both offer creative, challenging careers that require a diverse set of skills, including the ability to interpret detailed architectural drawings/schematics and set up and use advanced machinery and tooling to shape and assemble wood parts and products. On the cabinetry side, you may also have the opportunity to help design and customize cabinets to customer specifications, allowing you to contribute to the creative vision of a finished product.

The Art of Artistry

Maybe you appreciate the finer things in life. The design of a high-end coffee table or chest. Or the artistic approach to a well-made, hand-crafted rocking chair. The wood industry is also a place where your skills and passion for design and craftsmanship can translate.

Imagine having the skills to design a piece of furniture that may one day become an heirloom and passed down through generations. Designing wood products with a story is one way to channel that passion. And what an honor it would be to create something that becomes a part of someone’s history.

To gain these skills, you might consider a career as a finisher/finishing specialist, where you’ll need to develop the ability to identify different hues and select the right products to achieve a desired surface finish, and the attention to detail to examine wood products for any imperfections or defects.

There are many ways to incorporate your passions into the wood industry. The sky's the limit. To learn more about what options are available for you, visit youwood.com/get-started for available career resources and to explore opportunities in this growing industry. Who knows - maybe you’ll find the perfect way to combine your passions with your career.