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Let’s Build Something Together

The Wood Industry Resource Collaborative (WIRC) is made up of nearly a dozen associations that support skilled trade education. Our purpose is to provide a collection of tools and solutions for the wood industry to attract and retain employees, while improving the overall perception of the industry.

Our mission is to ensure that the wood industry continues to thrive and evolve as a vital sector of the global economy, and that the workforce of the future is equipped with everything needed to help us get there.

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Improve Perceptions

We partner with educators, legislators, associations and the media to communicate what the wood industry of today (and tomorrow) really looks like.

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Strengthen Workforce

We work with trade schools, colleges, and workforce advocacy organizations to develop programs that support people entering the wood industry.

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Create Better Environments

We collaborate with our members and member companies to improve engagement, satisfaction and work culture at every level.

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